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Massive Bus Collision in New York Leaves Over 75 Injured, Urgent Oxygen Administration Required

Massive Bus Collision in New York US ACCIDENT PHOTO

Massive Bus Collision in New York Leaves Over 75 Injured, Urgent Oxygen Administration Required


On Thursday, a devastating collision between two buses occurred in New York, resulting in more than 75 people sustaining injuries. Despite the severity of the accident, there were no reported fatalities. Immediate medical attention was provided, and all injured individuals were swiftly transported to nearby hospitals. The collision involved a double-decker tour bus and a city bus, and it took place at the intersection of East 23rd Street and First Avenue in Manhattan. This article aims to provide a detailed account of the incident and address frequently asked questions regarding the aftermath.

1. What caused the collision?

According to officials, the collision transpired when a tour bus traveling on East 23rd Street collided with an MTA express bus from behind. The exact cause of the collision is currently under investigation.

2. How many people were injured?

More than 75 individuals were injured in the collision. Of these, 27 were taken to hospitals for further treatment, while the remaining 50 received medical attention at the accident site.

3. Were there any fatalities?

Fortunately, no fatalities have been reported as a result of the collision. This comes as a relief considering the magnitude of the incident.

4. What were the types of injuries sustained?

The injured individuals suffered a range of injuries. While no life-threatening injuries were reported, some passengers endured minor cuts, bruises, fractures, and injuries to the head and neck.

5. How were the injured individuals treated?

Emergency medical services promptly responded to the scene, providing necessary medical care to the injured. Oxygen administration was urgently required for some individuals, ensuring their immediate stabilization. All injured individuals were subsequently transported to hospitals for comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment.

6. How were trapped passengers rescued from the double-decker bus?

Rescuing trapped passengers posed a challenge for firefighters due to the design of the double-decker bus. Firefighters had to break windows and employ ladders and ropes to safely bring passengers down from the upper level of the bus. Despite the complexity of the operation, all passengers were successfully evacuated.

7. What is the current condition of the injured individuals?

The injured individuals are currently receiving treatment at hospitals. While some suffered fractures and more severe injuries, the overall outlook is optimistic, considering the absence of life-threatening injuries.


The bus collision in New York resulted in a significant number of injuries, with over 75 people affected. Swift emergency response and medical care were crucial in providing immediate assistance to the injured. The incident highlights the importance of safety measures and prompt emergency services to mitigate the impact of such accidents. Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the collision, and further updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.


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